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Tree 2
Currently starts with William Huntington marrying  Mary Hothersall at the Parish Church, Slaidburn, Lancashire in April 1788 and follows their eight surviving children, for several generations, as they spread across Lancashire, into Yorkshire and across to the USA.

The tree is a combination of two original trees , compiled by descendants of those children. Each person on discovering they were researching the same family, agreed to the amalgamation of the trees and content of this version of the tree. Each researcher also holds details of their specific branch and the many off-shoots, brought about through marriage. The tree was first posted in 2003 and is revised each year, adding new data as well as correcting any errors highlighted by newer evidence.

Researched by: Derek Huntington,  & Michael Huntington - with the help of many family members!
William Huntington &
Mary Hothersall
Tree Statistics:

Families: 48
Individuals: 156
Notes: 15
Sources: 5
Total number of surnames: 43

NOTE: This tree was compiled in paper format, it was computerised for this project from the paper version without access to source material, some of the data has since been sourced.
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