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John Huntington & Jenny Dickinson.

Traced from their wedding in St Helen’s Church, Garstang  18 July 1791, and traces their four children to recent times. This tree combines the research of six individuals covering 46 surnames including: Addison [5], Armer [78], Atkinson [5], Bailey [12], Cottam [13], Dewhurst [20], Goodwin [1], Hunting?on [39]
William Huntington & Mary Hothersall.

William was born around 1765 in Goosnargh and married Mary on 14 April 1788 in Slaidburn  they had 8 children .  There are 43 surnames in this tree including: Barkle [1] Birket [1],  Hothersall/Huddersall [16], Huntington [79],  Pye [1], Thornber [8], Whittle [1], Winstanley [1]
Richard Huntington & Jennet Robinson.

Traced from their wedding in St Mary’s, Lancaster  18 November 1793, and traces their son Thomas to recent times. Combines the research of five individuals, covering 68 Surnames including:  Birkett [37], Cragg [33], Cordingley [5], Huntington/don [63], Jenkins [7], Pye [5] and Simpson [9]
Johannis Huntington & Alice.

This is the earliest tree we know of having been started in 1954, and was entirely paper based. Unfortunatly it was typed by the LDS Staff who treated conjecture and proven fact equally, the notes and proofs were also jumbled, so use it as a guide but  confirm the data before adding it to your tree.
Thomas Huntington & Agnes Wright.

Traced from their wedding in St Michael’s Church, Cockerham  9 July 1776, and traces their twelve children to recent times. This tree  covers 54 surnames covering 94 families and 351 individuals and is being actively researched.
William Huntington & Margaret Ann Riding.

Follows the one family, Margaret was William’s second wife and they had eleven children eight of whom emigrated to South Australia